IKEA Home Kitchen Planner

IKEA Home Kitchen Planner 1.9.4

See your new kitchen on screen before you buy it at IKEA


  • Completely customizable kitchen
  • Creates a budget with actual prices


  • Poor 3D rendering
  • Low-detailed furniture


All IKEA fans like you and me are avidly reading through the pages of the new IKEA 2008 catalog. But did you know there is an IKEA software kit to help you redecorating your home?

One of these tools is the IKEA Home Kitchen Planner, which is especially designed to help you furnish that area of your house. It includes the complete kitchen bedroom section of the IKEA catalog and enables you to plan your kitchen's new decoration without moving anything a single inch.

Home Kitchen Planner features a very simple interface where you to create your kitchen's floor plan, choose the new furniture and even see how everything looks in a three-dimensional image. The program also generates the approximate budget and enables you to upload data to the IKEA server, so that they're ready to use when you visit your local store to buy the furniture.

On the downside, I was disappointed with the program's overall impression: the interface looks dull, furniture is poorly drawn and the 3D rendering is clunky. I guess software development is not IKEA's strong point.

IKEA Home Kitchen Planner is a cheap, efficient way to check how your new IKEA kitchen will look like before actually buying anything.

Feel totally confident about your new kitchen before you spend a single cent. Simply enter the measurements of your current kitchen, then drag and drop cabinets into place. See your kitchen idea in 3-D view - try out different cabinets and doors without even getting out of your chair!

The kitchen planner tool supplies you with a convenient and printable shopping list. In some areas, it’s even possible to save your design to an IKEA server, allowing you access to your plan on any PC with an internet connection. Get advice from friends, family and the kitchen experts at your local IKEA store.

IKEA Home Kitchen Planner


IKEA Home Kitchen Planner 1.9.4

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